Smart Health is offering their Vital Watch as a companion to any piece of home monitor equipment selected by the doctor that matches the patients chronic condition.   The Smart Health Vital Watch is available with blue tooth technology and will automatically connect to the users cell phone for transmitting their vitals to the Health Cloud. The new Vital Watch can collect information traditionally not available to obtain outside of a hospital environment. As long as the watch is charged and on the patient’s wrist the data will be collected and stored in the healthcloud throughout the day and night. It will monitor the patients temperature, Blood Oxygen, Heart rate, blood pressure, activity and can detect if the patient has an abnormal heart rate. Then transmit the collected vitals through Bluetooth connectivity through the cell phone or cellular gateway to the A I health cloud. The watch is also included with the RPM rental package available to the doctor. Doctors patients vitals can be  be collected from their home and transferred to the internet through the combination of the watch and cellular gateway. Smart Health will supply the equipment software platform and a registered nurse enabling the healthcare professional to monitor the patients health 24 7 through our combination of A I technology and our staff.