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Smart Health remote monitoring health management platform is a powerful tool to help patients better manage their conditions and reduce the use of expensive services such as emergency room visits and hospital admissions. The new Cellular Router will communicate with all of RSH Bluetooth products. Enabling cellular transmissions from any location. The router can be placed in any location where people gather and monitor the crowd. 
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The crowd router offers commercial retailers and medical institutions a ubiquitous platform to help there clients manage their health in the most desired and cost-effective environment.
The Smart Health Care System replaces the traditional method of recording and sharing patient’s numerical medical data with a real-time recording and sharing of measurements that, improve communication and enable a timely medication titration.


The Crowd Router is new to the market and most of the industry is unaware of it’s existence. This product will disrupt the industry practice of how personal health data can be collected outside their home.  Information can be transmitted from the smart vital watch or the smart glucose meter as the person enters the establishment to shop or pick up pharmaceutical supplies. Ideally this information can be printed and handed out during the visit to the grocery store, pharmacy or visiting the doctors office. Currently the crowd router is being offered to the American Indian reservations as a solution to the lack of cell towers and the availability to the internet. The Crowd Router could be very helpful in Rural Communities throughout the USA. Enabling the community to upload their vitals that has been collected and stored in their watch or meter between visits to the local grocery store or pharmacy.


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