Cellular Gateway


  • Seamlessly connects to growing list of Smart Health products and 3rd party devices
  • Transmits data to HIPAA compliant Health cloud through an LTE-M cellular network
  • Non-obtrusive visual reminders to improve adherence
  • Cybersecurity encryption and authentication
  • Connects to most carriers in North America to improve cellular reception
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Smart Health remote monitoring health management platform is a powerful tool to help patients better manage their conditions and reduce the use of expensive services such as emergency room visits and hospital admissions. The new Cellular Router will communicate with all of RSH Bluetooth products. Enabling cellular transmissions from any location. The router can be placed in any location where people gather and monitor the crowd.



Smart Health offers the Smart Cellular Gateway to the rpm medical community  Bridging the patient vital records to their health cloud seamlessly from the comfort of their home. The Smart Gateway is new to the market and recently finished a large pilot in the state of Georgia. This product will be disruptive to the RPM industry by eliminating the need of cell phones to transmit data from the home monitoring devices. Based on recent feedback from the industry the use of cellular increases the patient engagement by 30%. All of our smart products will communicate with the gateway directly from the box. No customer interaction needed to configure the connection. Just install the enclosed batteries. Current home monitoring equipment available to track vitals from home and transmit cellularly using the smart gateway are the Medication Dispenser, thermometer, pulse oximeter, vital watch, glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, weight scale and EKG.



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