Smart Health rents their health cloud that includes nurses and the equipment gather patients vitals from home cellularly.   The platform is listed with Athena and is active in multiple countries. By the end of 2024 our services will be operational in China, Brazil, USA and Korea.  We consider our platform to be the most advanced RPM health cloud platform submitted to  CDC.  With features that include Cellular connectivity from any location on earth that has cellular service with the use of our international sim card  that seeks out the strongest signal in the area and connects without any user involvement.  The user has nothing to do except to plug the gateway into electricity and use one or all our home monitor equipment to track their vitals. A large percentage of the elderly is not comfortable in using their cell phone to transfer data to the internet because of confusion or just not cooperative. The cellular router resolves this aggravation. It automatically collects vital readings from the Medication Dispenser, Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, vital watch, glucose monitor, blood pressure cuff, weight scale and e c g monitoring device.  the new Smart Vital Watch offers the ability to track vitals through sensors built into the watch and the next generation D R watch also functions as a gateway to collect data from other equipment. Available in June 2023.  Each of the mentioned products can transmit to the cell phone or cellular router out of the box. This eliminates the traditional setup required of reading the instructions on how to input the date and time and the process of connecting the product to your cell phone or the cellular router. When you turn on the monitoring device it firstly connects to the gateway or personal cell phone to see if it still resides in the same location and transmits any pending readings that were not transferred in the past. One of the differences that makes Smart Health Products better is we offer two-way communication with our equipment. Most of our competitors in this market only transmits one way they do a lot of talking but they don’t have the ability to listen.