Software technical engineers play a big part in the success of most products that have a circuit board embedded. They work with cross-functional teams to identify the solution which meets the business needs. They also make sure that the solution they offer is feasible and solves the right problem in the fastest way. Being engineers, they think through all the details of the implementation as well as different scenarios of product growth and scalability. If the product transfers data to the internet usually there are more specialized engineering skills needed to work with the collected data and understand what to do with it. This process is considered ai (artificial intelligence). As more feedback and real-world data are acquired, they adapt the information into workable solutions. In the case of our Smart Health 1 on 1 needs they focus on the health problem and efficiency of the result. This process repeats for the lifecycle of the product and what chronic conditions that the data is collecting. Instead of just implementing the features needed by different stakeholders, our product engineers assess the problem from different angles. Working with our medical directors to deliver the base solution that fits everyone profile and then recognizes how one person’s data differs from the standard and formation into workable solutions. The engineers that create the software platform and embedded firmware is very important to success of the product and the quality of the performance. Smart Health 1on1 started developing specialized firmware in the healthcare arena in 2002 for the purpose of transferring data from a glucose meter through the POT line and stored in a computer to track usage and outcome of the user from home. There isn’t any certainty however we believe that our company was the first to launch a product used by the masses to transfer data to a computer. We started in 2002 with three engineers whom each specialized in their different fields: Data Collection, Platform Development & Product Firmware. Latter we added cellular app developer & Television firmware developer. Each of the developers are still with the company and became the heads of their departments with stock options for retirement. Smart Health 1 on 1 considers their engineering team to be the most important group of people who works for the company. The second most important group is the customer support team. In 2002 the person who was hired to setup the customer support department and create the protocols is also still working with our company today. The department has expanded into the Philippines and Mexico over the past 20 years however the same customer support protocols are in use.

Over the past twenty years the world has made multiple advances of how data is collected from the patient’s home and transferred to their health cloud. The most recent change is the use of cellular. Cellular is not new however until now it was too expensive to embed into a piece of equipment under the current reimbursements available for transferring data from the home to the cloud. The next generation of connectivity will be through the home television and our first product will be launched this year.
Smart Health 1on1 software platform is supplied to the healthcare market under many different companies through our white glove service. Each company having a different appearance and performance from each other. We have had the opportunity to watch what was successful and what wasn’t and especially what made a difference to the patient’s health and altered our focused on development new products to support this learning.
Our newest software version launch in May of 2022 (version 8.6) has so many new and old ai features designed into the software the only way to share them with you is by category and you decide what is important to you and your button to change this text.