Smart Diabetes Wireless Bluetooth Glucose Meter

Smart Health makes managing diabetes simple by automatically
capturing and analyzing each and every test result, eliminating the need to document and
keep track of readings in a logbook.

Automatically transfers via Bluetooth to your personal health cloud compatible with Android and IOS devices.


We know that diabetes is not simply a metabolic disease that changes the body’s ability to make and utilize insulin. It’s also a disease of the vascular system, as excess glucose (sugar) in the blood damages blood vessels. Complicating matters further, older adults with diabetes have a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, renal disease, eye disease, and death than their younger counterparts. Undoubtedly for these seniors, the disease exacerbates the physical and emotional difficulties they already face as they age.

Smart Health 10n1 makes managing your diabetes simple by automatically capturing and analyzing each and every test result, you no longer need to document and keep track of a log book.

The Wireless Bluetooth Glucose Meter is designed to immediately transmit every test result, using the latest Bluetooth Health Device Protocol to a HIPAA secure health cloud, which analyzes each test result based on a contingency architecture approved by the patient’s healthcare provider.

If an acute or episodic event is recognized during the analytic review, Smart Health 1on1 will automatically generate a notification for any person or persons, which have been authorized by the patient to receive alerts. The alerts can be predefined by your care provider to be delivered via IVR, Text, Email or a combination.


Sample volume 0.5µL

Results in 5 seconds

Memory last 300 test results.

System Operating Ranges 50 ºF to 104 ºF

Measuring Range: 20 to 600 mg/dL


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