The DR Watch will enter the RPM market with FDA Clearance and will also be ISO 22 20 certified for the PERS industry. Enabling the watch to be reimbursed through Medicare, Medicaid, FQHC and the PERS cash business. The Watch can collect and transfer to the health cloud thru the built-in sim card. The client Temperature, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Activity, Stress and Sleep. The data uploaded by the watch is meticulously monitored for any emerging patterns or trends by the AI nurse. Ensuring that all health indicators are vigilantly observed for the well-being of the user. As a DME supplier you have many people that you have serviced in the past, present, and future. Who would benefit from wearing the watch and have the security of knowing someone is watching and listening. In the unwelcome event of an emergency, this innovatively crafted cellular watch becomes a lifeline. The watch knows the client location and enables the first responders to talk to the client through the watch and view the past vital history leading up to the event.