Thank you for your interest into our Remote Patient Monitoring offer. This video  will give you a better  understanding of who we are and what we do and of course, why.  We developed the capability to transmit glucose test results from the personal home and transmit the data to the internet through our Info Hub using the standard POTS line.  It function similar to a fax machine and uploaded diabetes test results to the internet. Diabetes was our first chronic disease that we monitored from the personal home. The Info Hub function is similar to a fax machine.  When personal computers became popular we created a connection from our Info Hub to the computer.  And then later when blue tooth technology was stable we created our cell phone app and connected to the personal cell phone for apple and android users.  As of today, we are capable of collecting nine different vitals with the use of our vital watch, and then this data is transmitted to the health cloud using cellular connection.  The watch is also capable of collecting data from standalone products through the built in gateway and transferring the data through the watch to the health cloud to be monitored by our AI Nurse.  After the vital watch is delivered to the client our customer support center will contact them to introduce themselves and answer any questions.   Lorenza Cecko  has managed the call center located in Cebu Philippines for the past 14 years. When the work order of a new customer is uploaded to the log the call center will implement a welcome call.  During the call the customer will be given assistance in using the equipment for the first time and confirming the upload is successful.  The customer will be shown on their cell phone how to view their vital history how to contact our support center  and how to set personal goals.  The welcome call is an important process of engaging the customer to take an active role in their health and well-being.   It sets the tone for their health journey with us and establishes a foundation of trust.  We end the call by giving the customer a direct phone line extension to contact the same support person, in the future, if they prefer.  If the client has contracted to utilize the remote nurses for C P T Code 99457 or G0511 the customer is transferred  to our clinical department.  Aron Greyslak manages our clinical support needs and has managed this department for the past 17 years.  When the clinical department receives the notice of new customers they attempt to align the customers logistically with the nurse in the same state if possible.  The nurse will explain to the customers that were not interested in attempting to force them to change their lives however were hoping that with the help of our nurses they will stay in better health.  In the unwelcome event of the customers’ health trending badly we will establish during the call how they prefer to be contacted.  By email, text message, I V R phone call  or a personal call from the nurse or any combination.  Behind the scenes the customer data is uploaded into our health cloud continuously throughout the day and night.  The A I nurse built into the health cloud views hundreds of data points per customer and documents health trends and will notify the customer and health care professionals through pre-established protocols.  Then the customer’s doctor will be given a report of their health each month.   The DR watch offers the clinicians seamless health stats of the customer 24 hours a day.  Providing information that has only been available in a hospital setting in the past.  The next few slides focus on the manufacturing and logistics of the DR Watch.  Ashley Canty is the manufacture representative of the DR Watch available to be assembled and purchased from China or the watch can be assembled and purchased from the USA.  For orders generated outside of the USA there is a large tax savings to buy from China direct. We manufacture and assemble the SunVision DR Watch in Shenzhen China and we are currently establishing another assembly facility in Daytona Florida.  The watch monitors nine vitals consisting of heart beats per minute, Blood Pressure, oxygen level, temperature, glucose level, E C G, Sleep, and Stress. The vitals are recorded and documented every 30 minutes throughout the day and night.  It also has a built-in gateway, enabling other standalone SunVision products to transfer data through the blue tooth technology from the product to the watch and then the data is uploaded cellularly to the health cloud.  The DR Watch offers two-way communication from the customer to the healthcare providers and the first responders in the unwelcome event of an emergency, the watch can transmit the location and past and current health stats.  The watch is also FDA Cleared and ISO 22 20 certified.  We believe that our watch offers the solution for the R.P.M. market by guaranteeing that the customer will test more than 16 days per month by simply wearing the watch that will transmit 48 test results per day to the health cloud and gather test results every day of the month.  The watch is the only known product that can gather vitals directly from the customer wrist and from standalone equipment, then transmit these vitals seamlessly to the internet through cellular connectivity.  The DR watch is available for private label and can be purchased in quantity from Asia or the USA.  It is available for direct to customer shipment from our fulfillment center located in Daytona. The platform that the watch connects to is managed by Victor Trani who has been with the company for 20 years.   The health cloud platform was started decades ago and is a never-ending project. If you would like to learn more about the phone app and health cloud platform you have two options.    Through our website we offer a 30-minute video detailing the features of the phone app and also the platform.  We can also reschedule a zoom meeting that is interactive with watches sent to you prelude to the call.   Enabling a better understanding of how the data flows.   One of the most important features of the software’s platform is that it has monitored millions of customers in our past and is capable of monitoring millions more.   Our support staff is fully trained to support both the medical facility and their customers.  Through A I technology our platform will generate a star rating report card for each customer and also for the administration to view. Showcasing the patients and their health care professionals by condition, logistic, and comparison.   Insurance companies are keen on our feature of comparing doctors’ practices to understand which doctors are generating better star ratings of their patient population than other doctors in the same area.  We believe in the future Sadmerc will use our doctor rating as an addition to their existing rating payment system.  Thank You for your time and consideration. If you want to participate in an interactive webinar or the standard educational presentation just contact us to schedule a date and time.