There are multiple types of Managed Care Organizations and they all have a similar goal, do more for less. Smart Health offers a program designed for the diabetic population. For the cost of the traditional diabetic testing supplies needed for type one or type two users,  Smart Health includes cellular connectivity connection for our Glucose Meter and a Multifunctional Watch.  This allows the doctor to receive the vital records of the patient and the diabetic test results. 
How does this work and what does it cost?
Our business plan is to supply your organization at the same cost for diabetic testing supplies as you paid in the past and include our Glucose Meter, Cellular Gateway and the Multifunctional Watch that connects to our health care cloud at no additional cost for the equipment or software platform. The only unknown variable is the time frame of all the equipment being delivered. Our focus is not based on the individual strip use, it is based on the total needs of the diabetic user. We will first focus on the needs of the type 2 diabetic and then the Type 1.