Jump Start
During the COVID -19 social distancing Medicare has changed the process of how people can sign up to RPM. This date could be delayed further but as of today Medicare recipients can be contacted by a phone call and sign up with RPM. The standard face to face visit in the physicians’ office to qualify for Remote Patient Monitoring has been waved. Thus enabling the DME call center or Smart Health call center to contact the patients, on behalf of the physician, and set them up on the RPM program. The Jump Start promotion will enable the physician to start-up RPM without any out of pocket expense and without a long term contract. The CPT Code 99454 is the reimbursement for supplying the software and the home monitoring equipment. Smart Health will bill Medicare for this code and supply the physician the electronic platform needed to monitor the patient and supply a piece of monitoring equipment at the start and an additional piece of equipment each quarter. If and when the physician decides to bill Medicare for the 99454 directly the physician will be invoiced $15.00 per month per patient for the use of the platform and customer support. Smart Health will continue to keep the patient engaged and product support. Here is a listing of equipment that Remote Smart Health supplies as of May 2020.

Glucose Meter B/T
Blood Pressure Cuff B/T
Weight Scale B/T
Pulse Ox B/T
Body Thermometer B/T
Ear Thermometer B/T
12821 ECG Watch
ECG Watch B/T
ECG Hand-Held B/T
Activity Watch B/T
Phablet 10″ Cellular
Camera & Audio
Movement Tracker WiFi
Medication Tracker B/T
Blood Pressure Cuff Cellular
Weight Scale Cellular

Welcome Call

In a nation where there has been a dramatic increase in the number of insured has made it more difficult for patients to access caregivers and can make the patient feel almost invisible. RPM can change this scenario. On the same day that your patient signs up with RPM services, from your practice, the personalized care begins. Starting with a Welcome Call and going forward to give your patient as much attention as they need or want. We call this feature “Hand Holding”. We feel so strongly about the hand holding practice that it is apart of our logo.

Product Training

In addition to improving the quantity of care, RPM also can improve the quality of care. Starting with the training on how to use the home monitoring equipment and then to keep an eye on them to make sure that they do test and understand the results.

Patient Engagement

RPM improves patient behavior by creating a system by which people are more engaged and accountable for, their health. Smart Health will help enforce this by nudging your patient to follow your testing protocols. The first step is to get cooperation and the next step is to get better results.

Physician CPT Codes

CPT 99453 Introduction of RPM to the Patient (One Time Fee) $21.00

CPT 99454 Equipment & Software Supplied to Patient (Reoccuring) $69.00

CPT 99457 20 Minutes for Primary (Reoccuring) $58.00

CPT 99458 20 additional Minutes for Primary or the Specialist time (Reoccuring) $43.00