The Smart Health landing page can be altered to meet your company’s look and colors. Included in our white glove service is the creation of the home page. This new look will be filtered throughout the software platform. Your company will decide the focal points of your platform and the verbiage that will be used in the opening pages.
The Smart Health mobile app will take on the look of the home page from the web portal. Features can be added or removed to meet your company’s needs. There are many features that have been developed into the phone app over the past years. By requesting a password from this website you will be able to watch a webinar showcasing many of the features loaded into the cell phone app. What is not mentioned is the new Vital Tracking Watch and the Medication Dispenser update. The watch monitors the patient 24/7 and records health stats through the day and night. Including Blood Pressure, ECG, Oxygen Level, Pulse Rate and Activities.

The support center is an extension of your company. The phone line is exclusively yours and the employees understand that they work for you. They have been supporting other companies for many years. One of our oldest clients contracted for our complete service when they opened their company. Some of our staff works at the national trade show booth on behalf of this company and meets many of the vendors who they work with daily. Our company also does all the live selling webinars. This company utilizes all that Smart Health 1on1 has to offer and does multimillion dollars of reoccurring business annually. He is a one man show using our infrastructure for the website, phone app, fulfillment, support, and presentations. We service many other companies in the same manner and can do the same for you. In today’s world one person can open a company using the web to generate business and outsource all company functionality and make millions of dollars with no responsibilities. With the help of Amazon, they can go international.
Fulfillment centers are not rare, they are scattered throughout the USA. However, we are not aware of any fulfillment center that functions as ours. The main difference is this fulfillment center purchases the inventory and has it in stock for immediate delivery to your customers for less than you can do it yourself. Through Smart Health 1on1 contracts with the manufacturers,  the fulfillment center buys in bulk and warehouses the inventory. You should be able to purchase one Blood Pressure Cuff, and have it delivered to your customer for less than you can buy the same product from Amazon or Walmart with delivery. The product can be shipped under your company’s label and your company’s outside carton. The orders from your customers can be taken from our call center, where they can document the sale through your financial software and have the product shipped from the fulfillment center seamlessly. In many cases we take the customers credit card for payment or invoice them through your financial package on your behalf. Our fulfillment center does not charge for any of these services. Only the cost of the product, freight, and handling. All other features of order taking, and documenting the sale is included when buying your product from the fulfillment center.

Private labeling a product has many options. We can help you arrange a private label from the manufacturer and have your name on the product and the box with the commitment of volume. The fulfillment center cannot purchase the inventory for you if it is private labeled. The less expensive process to promote your company name,  is on the outside shipping carton under your name and logo. These boxes are designed and stocked at the fulfillment center as shown on this example photo.