Smart Health offers remote registered nurses that will service one or one hundred RPM patients with the same enthusiasm. Remote patient monitoring is their profession and they enjoy working with patients whom they can get to know and care for. These nurses don’t consider the amount of time spent on each patient they simply do what is needed for each of them and our software tracks the amount of time spent and the results of their efforts. Most doctor practices fail to fulfill the needs for Medicare RPM requirements and are not reimbursed for their time or expenses. Why? The nurses working within the practice have too many other responsibilities and they lack the support group that our remote nurses have to help them for arranging the phone call and help with documenting the patient files. Our nurses do more and cost less to perform the needs of RPM. They have unlimited help from our call center to perform all the busy work. Leaving the Nurses to do what they do best. The Smart Health call center and the registered nurses jointly work to engage the patient to promote positive behavior of monitoring themselves regularly. and help establish personal goals that are attainable for the patient and also for the staff to accomplish. On the initial contact between our call center and the patient there will be a determination of what services the patient would mostly benefit from CCM or RPM and many times using both services are the best way to proceed. After the home testing device is in use at the patients home a second determination will be made. Does the patient need cellular connectivity to transmit vitals or is Bluetooth adequate? If the patient is having a difficult time with transmitting vitals though their cell phone app they will be upgraded to the cellular platform. The first 20 minutes of the Registered Nurses time that is required to bill for RPM to Medicare is included in the rental package. If the doctor is not paid for the RPM service for any patient then Smart Health won’t charge the doctor for that patient until the doctor is paid.