Smart Health clerical offering is an optional service that is available to any company that utilizes our software platform. We feel that our staff offers services that is not easily duplicated and at a price not easily matched. They know the software platform like the back of their hand. As well as each of the nine pieces of home monitoring equipment Smart Health offers. We view are company package of services as a three-legged stool. It can function with two legs or even one leg however it works far better with all three legs. The service center is split between two locations. One in Mexico for the large Spanish clientele we service and the other a mixture of people who speak English from the USA and Cebu, Philippine.
When a new patient is added to your platform and the type of the equipment is selected by the doctor to monitor the chronic condition the call center starts off the relationship with a welcome call. That is followed up with another call after the equipment arrives to the patient’s home. To help the patient with the initial testing and downloading process if they are not using cellular. Throughout the month the call center will confirm that the patient is downloading as prescribed by the doctor with their primary focus of getting the patient engaged into their health through proven tactics learned by management who has been a part of Smart Health since the beginning.
When the national bid for diabetic supplies took place our call center serviced many thousands of Medicare diabetic users on behalf of our customer that won the bid. All Medicare guidelines are followed, including confirmation of the product need and confirmation of the customer receiving the products.
Spend your time doing what you do best and leave the busy work to us.