It is my pleasure to showcase our Smart Health 1 on 1 software designed for the RPM industry. I will firstly give you a brief background of our company then explain our combined services and equipment partnership with SunVision Medical.  Smart Health started creating their software platform in 2000 for the diabetic monitoring market.  This was before the internet was widely available. We tracked patient glucose readings through the phone line and transferred the data through our first Gateway that was similar to a fax machine. As of today we connect and transfer data through a personal cell phone or through our new Gateway that is also cellular. Their are ten different home monitored devices that carry the generic name of smart health and offered by SunVision Medical that include the pill dispenser, thermometer, pulse oximeter, Vital Watch, Glucose Meter, Blood Pressure Monitor, Weight Scale and ECG. Their are also three gateways our firmware is embedded into.  One is for personal use and is placed in the patients home or worn on the host wrist and the other is for crowd monitoring and is placed in a location where people shop or gather. Like a pharmacy or medical clinic. We also embedded the gateway into our DR Watch enabling data to be collected from the host and from other home monitoring equipment like a weight scale or pill dispenser.  The products are taken from raw materials to a finish products through our partner Sun Vision Medical   and then warehoused in the USA for just in time delivery and drop ship to the patient without the traditional markup necessary for the multiple hands that are usually involved with the importing and distribution process. Your company can utilize the Smart health platform under your own label or the Smart Health features can be added to your existing software platform. Enabling your patients the benefits of our AI electronic nurse monitoring 24 7 though seamless cellular technology.

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