It is my pleasure to showcase our Smart Health  Service software and equipment designed for the RPM industry. I will firstly give you a brief background of our company then explain our combined services and equipment partnership with SunVision Medical.  Smart Health software platform originated in 2000 for the diabetic mail order supply market.  It tracked patient glucose readings through the phone line and transferred the data through the infohub  Gateway that functioned  similar to a fax machine. As of today we connect and transfer data through a personal cell phone or through our new Cellular Watch that has a Gateway built in.  Their are also three gateways our firmware is embedded into and available to purchase from Smart Health.  One is for personal use in the home and collects data from other stand alone devices used in the home and then transmits the vitals cellularly to the internet.  The second gateway is built into our cellular watch.  It will collect vitals from the technology built into the watch and transfer the vitals to the internet.  The watch will gather information from other equipment available from Smart health that includes the medication dispenser, weight scale and glucose meter.  The third gateway can be used in commercial applications where people shop or gather. Their are seven different home monitored devices offered by Smart Health  that include the pill dispenser, Glucose Meter, weight scale, blood pressure monitor,  pulse oximeter, thermometer and ECG.  Your company can utilize the smart health platform in its entirety under our label or yours. It can be added to yours in its entirety or in modules.  Enabling your patients the benefits of our A I electronic nurse that will monitor for health trends.

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