The demand for cellular services is on the rise globally, extending beyond mobile phones into various sectors. Among these, the home health monitoring and personal emergency service sector is witnessing significant growth. Smart Health is at the forefront of this growth and has created a business model that enables DME companies who wants to private label the new cellular health and security watch at the lowest possible price with options on the services and what cellular connection is used. Smart Health offers an international sim card designed to automatically connect with the strongest cellular provider available or we can use the service of your choice. Looking ahead, we are excited about connecting our cellular watch directly to satellites. This innovation will benefit your company with our pass-through billing service. The future connectivity of the V2 Mini broadband satellites will ensure your company is among the first to experience enhanced connectivity by bypassing the cellular towers and connecting directly to the satellite.  Developing the wholesale cost of a new product in the market has many variables to be considered. The product development cost and product support cost is traditionally added to the wholesale price. SunVision is offering a different approach to the market. We will offer the cellular gateway watch at the lowest possible cost without the addition of the markup needed to support Smart Health expenses of creating and supplying the product. We are offering the watch at the manufacturing cost as a pass-through expense enabling your company to purchase the cellular vital watch at the lowest possible cost and pay Smart Health a small monthly charge. Smart Health will profit as your company makes a profit. In the creation of the Cellular vital watch Smart Health has variable cost based on the type of sim card embedded into the vital watch, and the location where the service is needed. The monthly pass-through expenses include the expense of the platform and cell app updates, the expense of adding new gateway products, and the continuous updates to the Artificial Intelligence that resides in the health cloud, Plus the Billing and Revenue Management service. Pass through billing supports all ongoing expenses as they happen, without raising your cost at the time of purchase, allowing your company to pay for what you use. SunVision charges a set fee for all of the support services each month. Enabling your company to pay when the service is received, lowering the product cost and increase efficiency. Enabling your company to maintain independent decisions, and benefit, from all the other enterprise buyer’s sales volume from the world.